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The Atari XEGS Cart by Cart Podcast

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The Atari XE Gaming System was a version of their XE 8-bit line of computers but attempting to compete against the successful Nintendo Entertainment System. At the same time offering the computer option. Our podcast will focus on the cartridge games made for this system but, because this is essentially an atari 8-bit computer, we'll also review games that will play on this system.

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Episode 0

Saturday November 21st, 2015 09:10:00 AM
Welcome to the first Episode of the Atari XEGS Cart by Cart Podcast. In Episode Zero we will focus on the Atari XE Game System Console. We will learn about the hosts and get up to speed on the XEGS technical Specifications. Come join Bill, David, and Michael and find out why we love the XEGS. Show Notes Other ports/reviews: Video Game Console Library Wikipedia Classic Home Video Games Museum The Centre for Computing History ANTIC Magazine "First Look Inside the XE Game System" Where to buy: B & C ComputerVisions Online Auctions ( / Amazon: Eight Bit Fix Best Electronics (Sold out but keep looking) Things to consider getting for your XEGS: BEST Electronics "BEST XE Touch" keyboard retrofit Installation guide Emulators: atari800 - open source for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X & more Atari800Win PLUs - based on atari800, with Windows-specific features Altirra - Windows emulator with lots of debugging/etc. Very popular with coders Atari++ - originally a fork of atari800. Available for Linux and Windows Colleen - based on atari800. Available for Android devices PC Xformer - MSDOS/Windows emulator from the early 1990s Apple iOS device - Your iOS device needs to be jailbroken. You can use via DOSPad MESS(Multi Emulator Super System) which is part of the MAME project Browser based via Utilized by Internet Archive's Historical Software Archive (via JSMESS)

Review Episode 1

Monday February 1st, 2016 08:56:00 PM
In our first review episode, we review EA’s Archon to find out if the game is good or evil. Then we set our sights on the XEGS packaged light gun game, Bug Hunt. We also have user submision from Shinto, the host of the The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast and Kieran Hawkin introduces his new UK Budget Games segment. This time he reviews Fruit Machine Simulator and puts in his two pence on our two featured games. Show Notes Archon: The Dark and the Light Other reviews & references: ANTIC interview with Jon Freeman, Free Fall Associates Free Fall Associates interview with Jon Freeman & Anne Westfall The Digital Antiquarian: Free Fall, Part 1: Archon Grognardia: Interview with Paul Reiche III Game Manual Wikipedia articles: Archon Free Fall Associates Atarimania entries: XEGS cart (1987) XL disk (1983) 8bit Rocket (Jeff Fulton): The 8-bit Game: Digesting Archon - An article on game design using Atari 8-bit Archon as the model Other ports: Archon was ported to the Apple II, Commodore 64, Amiga, IBM PC, Apple Macintosh, NES, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, and PC-88 Archon II: Adept - 1984 sequel for Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, and ZX Spectrum. Unfortunately, was never released on cartridge Archon Ultra - 1994 remake for MSDOS, by Free Fall Assoc (published by SSI) The Unholy War - 1998 spiritual successor by Paul Reiche III for PlayStation, by Toys for Bob (published by Crystal Dynamics) Kombat Chess - mini-game (similar to Archon) within 2004’s Mortal Kombat: Deception for PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and PSP Archon: Conquest - 2009 iPhone remake, by React Games. Licensed by Free Fall. Available today, via App Store! Archon: Classic - 2010 Windows remake, by React Games. Available today, via Steam! Where to buy: Best Electronics - USD $34.95 (XE Cart) B&C Computer Visions - USD $29.95 (XE Cart) Ebay Cartrige - $59.95 buy it now (from B&C), plus various sales in Europe (EUR 18.90 (~$21) to EUR 38.00 (~$42)) (2016-01-16) Disk - ~$75 loose, ~$128 sealed, up to ~$200 sealed (2016-01-16) Information Sources: ANTIC interview with Jon Freeman, Free Fall Associates Bug Hunt Other reviews & references: ANTIC interview with Alan Murphy Retro Gaming Roundup interview with Rob Zdybel (& others) Atarimania entry Game Manual Where to buy: BEST Electronics - USD $12.00 (no box, cart + manual) B&C Computer Visions - USD $20.00 (cart only) Ebay - USD $39.00, cart + light gun, $2.99 to $29.95 (mostly cart only) (2015-01-16) Ebay - Light gun only - $24.99, $26.50, $30.00, and $35.00 (2015-01-16) Contributor Segments Shinto (host of The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast) Budget Games featuring Kieren Hawkin - Review's Fruit Machine Simulator, Archon, & Bug Hunt

Review Episode 2

Saturday April 16th, 2016 12:24:00 AM
In Episode 2, we take to the skies with Blue Max, then dive down to the sewers to join the Mario Brothers. We also touch on Joust and Zaxxon, two games that share many similarities to our featured reviews. Kieren Hawken gives his two pence on Budget Titles, and we finally get to our user feedback. Show Notes New Theme Song Software Remixes at Bandcamp ComputeHer (She's also part of 8 Bit Weapon) News Bill's "Atari Party" in Northern California Sacramento Indie Arcade The Ultimate SD Mulitcart Missing Links (Ep 1.: Missile Command) 5200 Super Podcast Ep. 1: The Pac(k) Ins 5200 Super Podcast Ep. 3: TrakBallin' with Centipede and Missile Command 2600 Game by Game Podcast Ep. 49: Dodge 'Em & Missile Command Laird's Lair (Kieren Hawken)'s "XE-Lent Arcade Games Part 10" video Mario Bros. Published by Atari, 1988 Developed by Sculptured Software Information Sources: Mario Bros. (@Wikipedia) Mario Bros.: Classic Arcade Game Video, History & Game Play Overview (@ Arcade Classics) Mario Bros., XEGS version (@ Atarimania) Sculptured Software (@ Wikipedia) Other Reviews and Info: The Atari 7800 Game By Game Podcast, Episode 20 — Mario Bros. & Fight Night Videogame Critic (B+) Joust Developed and published by Atari, 1983 Where to buy: BEST Electronics: $21.50, $9.95 cart only B & C ComputerVisions: $29.95, $20 cart only Bravo Sierra: $20 Information Sources: Joust (video game) (@ Wikipedia) Joust (@ Atarimania) Other Reviews and Info: The Atari 7800 Game By Game Podcast, Epsidoe 5 — Galaga & Joust Laird's Lair XE-Lent Arcade Games, Part 5 Blue Max Original disk version (1983) Published by Synapse Software (aka SynSoft in the UK) & U.S. Gold Developed by Bob Polin XEGS cartridge port (1987) Published by Broderbund / Atari Developed by Sculptured Software Where to buy: BEST Electronics: $18 loose B & C ComputerVisions: $30 (in box), $20 cart only Information Sources: ANTIC VOL. 2, NO. 7 / OCTOBER 1983 COMPUTE! - Issue 44 Atari Mania - 7.8/10 "Blue Max - Atari XL/XE - With Runway Glitch and Commentary" (@ YouTube) ANTIC Interview w/ Bob Polin (Blue Max developer) ANTIC Interview w/ Ihor Wolosenko (co-founder of Synapse) Zaxxon Published by Sega, 1983 Developed by Ron J. Fortier, Datasoft (Disk and tape versions published by Datasoft and others) Information Sources: Zaxxon (@ Wikipedia) Zaxxon (@ Atarimania) Other Reviews and Info: Laird's Lair, XE-Lent Arcade Games - Part 7 Atari 5200 SuperPodcast, Ep. 2 2600 Game By Game Podcast, Ep. 10 Kieren Hawken on Budget Games Joe Blade Published by Players, 1988 Developed by Barry & Brian Southon Joe Blade (@ Atarimania) BMX Simulator Published by Code Masters, 1986 Developed by Adrian Sheppard (game), David Whittaker (sound/music) BMX Simulator (@ Atarimania)

Review Episode 3

Tuesday June 14th, 2016 04:31:00 AM
In Episode 3, we find out if the Choplifter! will be an uplifting experience, and we break out our loupe and peer into Crystal Castles to see if it's a cut above. Also, Kieren Hawken is back but this time he'll be bringing with him some of that British class live to our little show. This time we'll all review two budget titles; L.A. SWAT and Yogi Bear & Friends in The Greed Monster. Show Notes New Theme Song Software Remixes at Bandcamp ComputeHer (She's also part of 8 Bit Weapon) News Kieren's hosting "Revival" in July in Walsall, UK Bill's hosting "Atari Party" in July in Davis, California, USA Kieren's "Laird's Lair" channel, with lots of new stuff Fusion Retro Books, working on The Story Of The Atari ST In Pixels, may make an 8-bit one if there's interest The Atari XEGS Cart by Cart Podcast is now part of the Throwback Network Glen Planamento confirms The Ultimate Cart (SD multicart) works on Atari 400/800 (YouTube video) Rob "VectorGamer"'s TheRetrocade YouTube channel "bad-ass custom dust covers" thread on AtariAge Artcade by Bitmap Books is out (Kieren's review on YouTube) Photos from Sacramento Indie Arcade 2016 (Bill and others were there with Ataris) Search Google to learn about McWill's Lynx LCD upgrade Player/Missile Podcast is sorta back from hiatus ANTIC: The Atari 8-bit Podcast has been posting tons of interviews; check them out! Eight Bit Fix (Atari repair and sales) is selling new Atari 8-bit carts: Mr. Do! (new), Blaster (new), Space Harrier (homebrew port), Bruce Lee, and MIDIMaze (prototype) The next RetroGamer magazine will have an "Ultimate Guide to Mr. Do!", by Kieren Kickstarter for The Mastertronic Archives book Choplifter! Published by Atari Corp., 1988 Developed by Steve Aguirre, Sculptured Software Based on 1982 Brøderbund Software original, by Dan Gorlin Links: Atarimania Choplifter! (XEGS) Atarimania Choplifter! (1982 original) Other Reviews and Info: The Atari 7800 Game By Game Podcast, Episode 10 — Choplifter! & Karateka XE-Lent Arcade Games episode 14 ANTIC Podcast interview with Doug Carlston, Brøderbund Crystal Castles Published by Atari Corp., 1988 Developed by The Software Factory Based on Atari Inc. unreleased 1984 prototype, by Paul Metz and William Jahnke Where to buy: B & C ComputerVisions (1984 prototype): $30 Information Sources: Crystal Castles Wikipedia article Michael Current's A History of Tramel Technology / Atari Crystal Castles at Atarimania Paul Metz: 12/21/1961-8/27/2011 Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest 7800 game GDC Video: Making the Atari coin-op classic Crystal Castles Other Reviews and Info: No Quarter Podcast, episode 26 (arcade version) XL-Lent Arcade Games, part 13 AtariProtos review of 1984 prototype L.A. SWAT Published by Mastertronic, 1986 Developed by Randy Platt, Sculptured Software Information Sources: L.A. SWAT at Atarimania L.A. SWAT cover art Other Reviews and Info: Commodore 64 L.A. SWAT review video Amstrad CPC L.A. SWAT review L.A. SWAT at Moby Games Yogi Bear & Friends in The Greed Monster Published by Hi-Tec Software, 1990 Developed by Russell Knight (code) & Rich Morton (graphics), PAL Developments Information Sources: Yogi Bear & Friends... at Atarimania Other Reviews and Info: ZX Spectrum Yogi Bear... review by Crash magazine ZX Spectrum Yogi Bear... review by Your Sinclair magazine Amstrad CPC Yogi Bear... review Yogi Bear... at Moby Games

Interview Episode 1

Monday August 29th, 2016 04:31:00 AM
In our first interview episode, David sits down with homebrew creator, tep392 (AKA: Perry Thuente) to discuss his latest creation, Pac-Man Arcade. Hear how he was able to make such a spot on version of the classic arcade game and get some early insite into some of his upcoming projects. Show Notes New Theme Song Software Remixes at Bandcamp ComputeHer (She's also part of 8 Bit Weapon) Links AtariAge forum discussion: Purchase info and links to game files can be found here

Review Episode 4

Saturday October 29th, 2016 04:19:00 PM
In our first interview episode, David sits down with homebrew creator, tep392 (AKA: Perry Thuente) to discuss his latest creation, Pac-Man Arcade. Hear how he was able to make such a spot on version of the classic arcade game and get some early insite into some of his upcoming projects. Show Notes News The (new) Atari 5200 Podcast; David a co-host Atari 5200 Podcast AtariAge forum thread Archive of old "Atari 5200 Superpodcast" at Internet Archive Nir Dary's YouTube channel Atari Party 2016; hosted by Bill Atari Party 2016 website ANTIC Episode 35 (Bill co-hosted) Atari 2600 Game by Game podcast interview with Bill REVIVAL Solstice Retro Event 2016; hosted by Kieren REVIVAL homepage REVIVAL Solstice Retro Event 2016 video at YouTube Kieren's "Atari 8-bit vs Arcade" YouTube video playlist Retro Gamer magazine (Beyond Games discussed in issue 160) Atari Blast (previously GTIA Blast) released AtariAge forum thread Centre for Computing History Pac-Man Arcade Published by Perry "TEP392" Thuente - Atari 8-bit homebrew cart, 2012 AtariAge - Atari 5200 cart, 2012 Developed by Atari Inc. - original 1983 Ms. Pac-Man game Perry Thuente, with contributions from MrFish and others - Pac-Man Arcade hack Based on NAMCO's 1980 arcade game Where to Buy: AtariAge forum thread with info and for ordering AtariAge store for 5200 Pac-Man Arcade Links: AtariAge forum thread with info and for ordering Atari XEGS Cart by Cart podcast interview episode with Perry Thuente Pac-Man Dossier at GamaSutra Ms. Pac-Man Wikipedia article Other Reviews and Info: Atari Inc's 8-bit Pac-Man XE-Lent Arcade Games, part 2 Atari 8-bit vs. Arcade, part 5 Atari Inc's 2600 Pac-Man Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast No Swear Gamer video Atari Inc's 8-bit Ms. Pac-Man XE-Lent Arcade Games, part 5 Atari Inc's 2600 Ms. Pac-Man Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast No Swear Gamer video Atari Corp's 7800 Ms. Pac-Man Atari 7800 Game by Game Podcast No Swear Gamer video Pac-Man (mini review) Published by Atari Inc., 1982 Developer Joe Hellesen Based on NAMCO's 1980 arcade game Links AtariMania entry for Atari 8-bit Pac-Man Donkey Kong Published by Atari Inc., 1983 & Atari Corp., 1988 Developed by Landon Dyer (code & graphics), Brad Fuller (sound), Atari Inc. Based on Nintendo's 1981 arcade game Where to buy: BEST Electronics: Original release: $13 (cart only) or $18 XEGS re-release: $30 (cart only) or $45 B & C ComputerVisions: $20 (cart only) EBay - $12-15 up to $85! Links: AtariMania entry for Atari 8-bit Donkey Kong Donkey Kong (video game) article at Wikipedia Donkey Kong (character) article at Wikipedia About Atari 8-bit Donkey Kong easter egg The King of Kong article at Wikipedia Landon Dyer's blog at "Donkey Kong and Me" post on Landon's blog Source code to Atari 8-bit Donkey Kong ANTIC podcast interview with Landon Dyer Videogame Music Preservation Foundation wiki entry on Brad Fuller Brad Fuller's website ANTIC podcast interview with Brad Fuller Other Reviews and Info: XE-Lent Arcade Games part 5 Atari 8-bit vs Arcade part 5 2600 Game by Game Podcast 7800 Game by Game Podcast Colecovisions Podcast Warhawk Published by Firebird, 1986 Developed by Andrew Betts (code), Rob Hubbard (music) Links: AtariMania entry for Warhawk Wikipedia article on Telecomsoft (owner of Firebird, etc.) Mobygames article on Star Force Rob Hubbard talking about composing Commodore 64 Commando music (Bedrooms to Billionaires clip) 180! Published by Mastertronic, 1986 Developed by Binary Design: David Forward (code) Steve Pickford & Jeremy Pickford (graphics) Jason C. Brooke (music) Links: AtariMania entry for 180! Pickford Brothers website Amiga-based arcade version of 180!

Review Episode 5

Monday February 13th, 2017 04:45:00 AM
Just in time for winter here in the northern hemisphere, we’re reviewing Summer Games! So grab your sunscreen, power up your Atari, and on your mark… get set… go! Show Notes News ExtraLife Man vs Snake Ultimate Cart ANTIC Interview with Marlin Bates Ultimate Cart overview by Jonathan "Flashjazzcat" Halliday Ten Pence Arcade podcast Art of Atari Atari 5200 Podcast Rebooteroids for Jaguar 2016 ABBUC Software Contest SillyVenture SillyVenture 2016 productions at DemoZoo Bally Alley Astrocast podcast Summer Games Published by Atari Corp (1988) Epyx (1984, US) & US Gold (1984, UK) Developed by Epyx Inc. Scott Nelson Stephen Landrum Erin Murphy Jon Leupp Stephen Mudry Randy Glover Brian McGhie Olympic Events: Pole Vault Diving 4x400M Relay 100M Dash Gymnastics Freestyle Relay 100M Freestyle Skeet Shooting Downloads: Atari Corp 1988 cart version, at AtariMania Epyx 1984 disk version, at AtariMania "Ultimate Cart User's Thread" at AtariAge Disk version, hacked for AtariMax MaxFlash cart Where to Buy: B & C ComputerVisions: disk version Other Reviews and Info: 2600 Game by Game Podcast - Summer & Winter Games 7800 Game by Game Podcast - Ep. 13 Summer Games & Super Huey ANTIC Podcast Interview 24 - Michael Katz (oversaw release of Summer Games & others)

Review Episode 6

Saturday April 1st, 2017 04:59:00 AM
In this episode we hop into our Valkyrie space fighters and shoot up some Jaggie saucers to review LucasFilm's, "Rescue on Fractalus!" and we'll go full tilt on one of Kieren's budget game, "Advanced Pinball Simulator". Show Notes News Kieren's "Atari 8-bit Vs. Arcade" videos Kieren's "A-Z of Atari 2600 Games: Volume 1" book, at Amazon US and Amazon UK Kieren's video tutorial on the AtariMax Max Flash Cart "Let's Go Dizzy! The Story of the Oliver Twins" book Jaguar Sector III & Lynx Sector groups on Facebook Sacramento Indie Arcade, April 8th, West Sacramento, CA pro(c) ATARI magazine, issue 11 (h/t The Real Bounty Bob) Tape Preservation Project, at atari.area "A8CAS" project at SourceForge "Keep those XL's/XE's humming" (home of "WAV2CAS", "CAS2WAV", and "XEX2CAS") at Ernest R. Schreurs' website Rescue on Fractalus! Published by Atari Corp (1987) Epyx (1984, US) & Activision (1985, UK) Developed by Lucasfilm Ltd. David Fox (programmer) Loren Carpenter (programmer) Charlie Kellner (graphics) Gary Winnick (graphics) James St. Louis (graphics) Douglas "Crock" Crockford (graphics) Peter Langston (sound, and team lead) Charlie "Dragon" Kellner (sound) Info: Rescue on Fractalus!: "Rescue on Fractalus!" entry at MobyGames "Rescue on Fractalus!" (XE Cart) entry at AtariMania "Rescue on Fractalus!" (Epyx (US) disk) entry at AtariMania "Rescue on Fractalus!" (Activision (UK) disk & tape) entry at AtariMania "Behind Jaggi Lines" entry at AtariMania "BALLBLAZER and Rescue on Fractalus! The Lucasfilm Computer Division Games Project is born - A very brief personal history", at Peter Langston's website Atari/Lucasfilm Games Press Kit, at Peter Langston's website "Rescue on Fractalus! video from 1984 press conference", at David Fox's website "Tomorrow’s Promise" article at ElectronDance website "Changing Lives: David Fox" interview (part 1) & "Changing Lives: David Fox" interview (part 2), at ElectronDance website "Atari Unveils Lucasfilm Games - Star Wars company touts 'edge of the art' sound, graphics" InfoWorld article (June 4, 1984), at Google Books "The Making of Rescue on Fractalus!" Retro Gamer article (November 2007), at David Fox's website (PDF) Review of "Rescue on Fractalus!" at Super Adventures in Gaming (2013) Fractals and fractal landscapes: "Fractal landscape" at Wikipedia "Fractal" at Wikipedia "Benoît Mandelbrot, The Father of Fractals", a "Big Brains. Small Films." IBM documentary video Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Lucasfilm Computer Division, LucasFilm Games / LucasArts: "Loren Carpenter" at Wikipedia Loren's 1980 "Vol Libre" fractal landscape computer-generated film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, "Genesis Effect" scene (mountain split at 1m 49s) "Genesis Effect" scene with Industrial Light & Magic commentary Miscellanea: "Jump Scare" article at TV Tropes "Rescue on Fractalus!" at TV Tropes "The Influence of the UNIX Operating System on the Development of Two Video Games" Bell Communications Research paper, at Peter Langston's website (PDF) Legacy: Unfinished 7800 "Rescue on Fractalus!" prototype, at AtariAge "Koronis Rift" at Wikipedia "The Eidolonn" at Wikipedia "Fractalus" (currently alpha) for Windows "Fallen Angels" for Jaguar, at AtariAge forums Downloads: XE Cart Epyx (US) disk Activision (UK) disk & tape Where to Buy: B & C ComputerVisions Best Electronics Other Reviews and Info: ANTIC Podcast Interview #37: David Fox 7800 Game by Game podcast: "The Prototype Games!" Advanced Pinball Simulator Published by Codemasters (1989) Developed by The Oliver Twins: Philip & Andrew Oliver (designers) Hassan Mehmet (Atari code) Terry Lloyd (Atari graphics) David Dunn (Atari sound) Info and Downloads: "Advanced Pinball Simulator" entry at AtariMania "Advanced Pinball Simulator" info & story at Oliver Twins' website Other Reviews and Info: ChinnyVision review of various ports of "Advanced Pinball Simulator" "Advanced Pinball Simulator", Amstrad CPC reviews, at MobyGames "Advanced Pinball Simulator", ZX Spectrum reviews, at MobyGames "Advanced Pinball Simulator", Commodore 64 reviews, at MobyGames

Review Episode 7

Sunday June 25th, 2017 11:30:00 PM
In Episode 7, we'll have a lip-smacking review of Food Fight and we'll put our lives on the line for you by participating in the deadly budget game Death Race!. Show Notes News Atari 5200 Podcast - latest episode: "Star Raiders" Wapniak 2017 Video of Atari games from Wapniak 2017 Wapniak 2017 competiton results Blade Runner 2049 second trailer (note: not for kids) WiFi232 adapter Video of Bosconian homebrew gameplay Fragmare's YouTube channel of video game music covers The XL BOSS review, Analog Computing issue 25 The A-Z of Atari 8-bit Games ebook Amazon US Amazon UK The Retro Show, Sat. Sept. 9th, 2017, Luton, England Easy to Learn, Hard to Master - The Fate of Atari Kieren's movie review Learn more at "8bit Generation"'s website 8 Bit Weapon (Michelle aka ComputeHer is ½ of this band) has a new album: "DLC the OST" (Downloadable content, the original soundtrack) This episodes title graphic was created by Artist John Von Neumann. Many thanks for the use of it. Food Fight Published by Atari Corp (1987) Developed by John Sanderson, General Computer Corporation (GCC) Info: Giant Bomb's description of Food Fight (arcade) American Classic Arcade Museum: interview with Jonathan Hurd, creator of arcade Food Fight (snapshot at Internet Archive's "Wayback Machine") Retro Gamer issue 135 includes a "Making of Food Fight" article Atari 7800 "Food Fight", as a Nintendo-on-a-Chip port , for the original Atari Flashback" Downloads: "Food Fight" at AtariMania "Food Fight" at AtariAge Where to Buy: B & C ComputerVisions Best Electronics Other Reviews and Info: High Retro Game Lord video review (Atari XE) Atari 7800 Game by Game podcast (Atari 7800) No Quarter podcast (arcade) Press Continue podcast (arcade) Death Race Published by Atlantis Software (1987) Developed by Simon Leck Info and Downloads: "Death Race" at AtariMania MobyGames entry for "Turbo" arcade game Other Reviews and Info: Atari Cave review of Atari 8-bit "Death Race" Review of arcade "Turbo" at MobyGames Reviews of ColecoVision "Turbo" at MobyGames Review of Intellivision "Turbo" at MobyGames Atari 2600 Game by Game podcast review of "Turbo" prototype "Atari 8-bit vs Arcade - Part 13"

Review Episode 8

Sunday December 24th, 2017 06:30:00 AM
In this episode, we take a shot at playing the light gun game Crossbow and say, “shuriken” (sure-I-can ☺) to reviewing the budget game Ninja. Show Notes News The UnoCart, pre-orders thread at AtariAge forums's review of Breakout, Jamie Lendino's new book about Atari 8-bits KanexPro Composite/ S-video to 4K HDMI Converter ABBUC 2017 Software Contest Homebrew Heroes: Facebook group and Facebook page Kieren's "Laird's Lair" YouTube channel Larry Bundy Jr's YouTube channel Kieren's video review of the book The Story Of The Commodore Amiga In Pixels Crossbow Published by Atari Corp (1988) Developed by Sculptured Software Info: Giant Bomb's description of Crossbow (arcade) Downloads: "Crossbow" at AtariMania "Crossbow" at AtariAge Where to Buy: B & C ComputerVisions Other Reviews and Info: "Atari 8-bit Vs. Arcade, Part 8" video review 7800 Game by Game Podcast, episode 17 (Atari 7800) Ninja Published by Mastertronic (1986) Developed by Sculptured Software Steve Coleman (programming) Rob Hubbard (music) Info and Downloads: "Ninja", UK cassette tape, at AtariMania "Ninja", US floppy disk, at AtariMania Other Reviews and Info: "Atari 8-bit vs Arcade - Part 11" video review

Review Episode 9

Monday July 16th, 2018 05:50:00 PM
In episode 9, we conjure up a magical review while battling evil, in Necromancer, and we strap on jetpacks and blast off to rescues human souls trapped by an alien force in the budget game Excelsor. News A new Atari podcast, the Atari Lynx HandyCast, hosted by Mark (@lynxhandycast on Twitter). Vintage Computer Festival Northwest Atari 1020 plotter (Wikipedia article) Lantronix SIO2Arduino Kong Off 6 The A-Z of Atari 8-bit Games: Volume 2 Amazon US, Amazon UK Stunt Car Racer Atari 8-bit port Retro Gamer magazine: #175 with "The Making Of: Dark Chambers" #177 with "The Making Of Venture" NOMAM "BASIC 10-Liner Contest" Necromancer Published by Atari Corp (1988) Synapse (1982) Developed by Bill Williams ABC TV, Australia, "Good Game" biography of Bill Compuserve Sysop Dick Brudzynski's review of Necromancer "Bill Williams remembered" post, by James Hague (author of Halcyon Days Bill's autobiography, Naked Before God: The Return of a Broken Disciple "Stanley Kubrick is Gone", retrospective by ElectronDance "Bill Williams: The Story of a Life", The Digital Antiquarian Info: Wikipedia article on Necromancer Downloads: Necromancer (XEGS cart) entry at AtariMania Necromancer (Synapse disk & tape verson) entry at AtariMania Where to Buy: B & C ComputerVisions BEST Electronics Other Reviews and Info: AtariMania AtariHQ Videogame Critic Excelsor Published by Players (1986) Developed by Keith "Howlin' Mad" Harvey Info and Downloads: Excelsor at AtariMania Other Reviews and Info: Highretrogamelord video review

Review Episode 10

Friday October 26th, 2018 02:50:00 AM
In episode 10, we’ll put on the gloves and get in the ring to go toe to toe with Accolade’s boxing game, Fight Night, and although revenge is sweet, will Jeff Minter’s Revenge II, a follow up to Revenge of the Mutant Camels, be a tasty treat? News Ben Heckendorn's (aka BenHeck) portable Atari 800 using XEGS internals The Final Project: Atari 800 Handheld - Part 1 The Final Project: Atari 800 Portable - Part 2 The "beyond restoring" restored Atari 800xl project Part 1 Part 2 8-bit on a Budget at Kieren's book A-Z of Atari 8-bit games Volume 3 US Link UK Link Retro Gamer (Kieren's articles) Issue 179: Ultimate Guide to Pac-Mania Issue 183 History of RealSports Issue 184 Unlicensed To Thrill Retro Gamer (Kieren's articles) Retro Gamer back issues New games released recently Culmins Black Bouncy Blob Get Up 2 Montezuma’s Revenge hack Baby Berks v2 Scramble Also, keep up with the latest homebrew news on Homebrew Heroes Update to Rob McMullen's (Of Player/Missile Podcast) Omnivore tool Atari 2600 Classic Hoodie Men's Atari Retro Gaming Tee on Blue Culture Tees Fight Night Publisher by Accolade in US / US Gold in UK (1985) Atari (1987) Developed by Concept: Sydney Development Corperation Atari version: Distinctive Software Inc. Programmer: Amory Wong (Ace of Aces fame) Sound & Music: Gail Bergen Graphics: Ron Panthaky XEGS Cartridge: Sculptured Software Credited on AtariMania, but not in-game: Chuck Peavey (Dark Chambers, One-on-One, etc. fame) Info: Wikipedia article on Fight Night Downloads: Atari XEGS Cartridge Accolade Disk US Gold Disk Where to Buy: B & C ComputerVision (ebay site) Best Electronics Bravo Sierra Computers Other Reviews and Info: AtariMania 7800 Game by Game Podcast, episode 20 Classic Gaming Quarterly magazine has an interview with Amory Wong ANTIC Podcast Interview Episode 14 talks with Chuck Peavey Giant Bomb (Gameplay Images) Revenge II Publisher by Mastertronic Developed by Steven A. Riding for Icon Design Downloads: AtariMania

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