Request Takedown

Notice and Take Down

The majority of what’s available on Thunderdome is freeware or is released into the public domain. Some of it was once (C) but since the classic Atari computers are considered “abandoned” systems, many of it has been declared as “freeware”. Sometimes the software is so old that the right holder can’t be located anymore and at other times the software or information has outlived the authors and isn’t reclaimed by anyone.

This, however, doesn’t automagically change the (C) and (P) notices in the existing software and/or documentation.

If you are the legal owner of anything that’s featured on Thunderdome, and if you feel it should not be freely available for any reason, send me a Takedown Notice with the infringing url and/or the exact title of the subject in question.

(This is only for takedown requests. For any other subject, use the form on Site Info page.)