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Site info - THUNDERDOME – the ATARI site | THUNDERDOME - the ATARI site
This version of Thunderdome – the Atari site has been set up in March 2018 and is a successor of Thunderdome, the Atari 8-bit site.  The old site was created with a text editor in plain HTML and however this would suffice I started to code a new version of it in PHP.  After a system crash all work was lost and I decided to just go for a pre-fab solution, which resulted in this wordpress-based site.

It’s a classic set up with a modified Hueman theme and several plugins to make it usable for the purpose. Unfortunately it’s virtually impossible to completely avoid java script these days but all functions have a fallback (I hope) so apart for some visual effects everything should work fine without it.

The content exists of, how surprisingly, Atari related things. Information, software, articles, whatever I’ve laying around. It’s focus is the 8-Bit series but there’s room for the other classic systems too.

Use the option below to contact me or use the Take-Down form if you’re the legal owner of something that shouldn’t be available over here.