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The Atari 2600 Game By Game Podcast

The 2600 Game By Game Podcast will delve into the history, gameplay, and personal stories of every game made for the Atari 2600.

Last feed update: Friday October 7th, 2022 01:54:39 PM

AVCStec Challenge by Simon Quernhorst and Paul Slocum

Sunday August 7th, 2022 08:27:11 AM
I say this too much, but I thank you for being patient with me as I navigate through my lovely depression. This long overdue episode features the homebrew game AVCStec Challenge by Simon Quernhorst and Paul Slocum. It's based on the very difficult (to me) Aztec Challenge by Paul Norman, for the Commodore 64. I hope that you enjoy the episode. Next up is Cookie Monster Munch by Atari and the Children's Computer Workshop. Please send any feedback on this or any previous game to by August 16th. Tell me your thoughts and/or memories of Cookie Monster Munch, I'll take care of the history and gameplay. Take care of yourselves and I thank you so much for listening. Simon Quernhorst's web site A-VCS-tec Challenge development page Announcement thread on Atari Age AA Title in Development page on Wayback Machine AA Project of the Month thread AA Late Development thread Secret screen on Atari Age Simon Quernhorst interview on Good Deal Games Paul Slocum's web site Tree Wave web site And/Or Gallery web site Buy the game on Packrat Video Games Buy the game on Atari Age Atari 50th: The Anniversary Celebration Atari Mania (the game) Yars Recharged Limited Run Adventure and Missile Command (both sold out) Atari 2600 Lego Set New Howard Scott Warshaw interview by W. Amirul Adlan                  

Frogs and Flies by M Network

Wednesday May 18th, 2022 02:01:53 PM
On this episode we take a look at the M Network game Frogs and Flies, which was based on the Intellivision game Frog Bog. We also cover programmer extraordinaire Dave Rolfe for the first time, and we even read one of his interesting essays. I hope you enjoy it! Coming up next is A-VCS-tec Challenge, by Simon Quernhorst with music by Paul Slocum. If you would like to try this game out, you can get the rom at Simon's web page. Please send me your feedback for A-VCS-tec Challenge by May 30th, to Thanks so much for listening! Van Mai story on Video Game History Foundation Frogs and Flies on Random Terrain Frogs and Flies on Blue Sky Rangers Intellivision Frog Bog on Blue Sky Rangers  Frogs by Gremlin on KLOV Willie! plays Frogs on Arcade USA Dave Rolfe's website on Wayback Machine Dave Rolfe interview by Valter Prette Dave Rolfe interview by Scott Stilphen Dave Rolfe interview by Michael Thomasson Star Fire on KLOV Fire One! on KLOV Kreepy Krawlers on KLOV Star Fire 2 prototype on KLOV

Laser Gates by Imagic

Sunday May 8th, 2022 11:44:39 AM
Hello my friends, thank you once again for your patience for this new episode featuring Laser Gates by Imagic. A fun time was had by almost all! Coming up next is Frogs and Flies by M Network. If you have any feedback for Frogs and Flies, please send it to by end of the day on May 17th. I should be able to get it out on time despite this episode being late. Upcoming games include A-VCS-tec Challenge by Simon Quernhorst and Paul Slocum; Cookie Monster Munch by Atari; Master Builder by Spectravideo, and Gauntlet by Answer Software. Thanks so much for listening! Atari XP preorders Limited Run Atari preorders (only 1000 of each will be made, I said 1500 in the show because I can no longer read) Laser Gates on Random Terrain Laser Gates (Innerspace) on Atari Protos Innerspace on Atarimania My email interview with Dan Oliver Is Laser Gates Inner Space? Atari Age thread Dan Oliver's Waterbug Design site on Wayback Machine Just Kidding Imagic segment, 1983 Laser Gates review by Phil Wiswell Jan 1 1984

Sesame Street Cartridges Contest Winners!

Wednesday May 4th, 2022 01:23:55 PM
Hello my friends, I was not feeling well last night so I went back to bed. The Laser Gates episode won't be out today, but I wanted to let you know the winners of the contest that my buddy Richard so kindly sponsored. Please give a listen to see if you won a set of Sesame Street carts, and congrats to the winners. Thanks to everyone who entered, and I thank you all for listening.

Private Eye by Activision

Thursday April 21st, 2022 01:23:48 AM
In this episode I look at the Activision game Private Eye, by Bob Whitehead. I hadn't put any time into this game before, and I couldn't put enough time into it for the podcast, but I did enjoy it and hope to come back to it. Next up will be Laser Gates by Imagic. If you have feedback for the game that you'd like to hear on the show, please send it to by May 2nd. Thank you all very much for your kind words about my return, it means a lot to me. i appreciate you all hanging in there. and as always, thank you for listening. Sesame Street games contest! Private Eye on Random Terrain Interview with Bob Whitehead by Scott Stilphen Private Eye patch Rawson Stovall review Feb 10 1984 Michael Blanchet review Oct 24 1984 Private Eye maps by Stan on Electric Frankfurter

Oscar's Trash Race by Atari

Wednesday April 6th, 2022 04:57:43 PM
Welcome back to the podcast everyone! I hope you all are well, and I very much appreciate all the kind words and patience. Today we start the 5 digit Atari part numbers with Oscar's Trash Race, a product of Atari and the Children's Computer Workshop, a tiny little division of Sesame Street. This is the first in a series, so there's lots to talk about. I hope that you enjoy it. Coming up in 2 weeks is Private Eye by Activision. If you have feedback for Private Eye that does not include the Hall and Oates song, please send it to me at by April 18th. Please make sure you listen to the end of the podcast for a very special Sesame Street game related contest, sponsored by friend of the podcast Richard Grounds. Thanks Richard! I'll post a separate entry for the contest in a few days, but you can send your entry as soon as you hear the episode. Once again, thank you for your patience, your kindness, and of course, for listening. Extra special thanks to my beautiful wife Sarah for getting this ball rolling again. 💖 Oscar's Trash Race on Random Terrain Oscar's Trash Race on Atari Protos Oscar's Trash Race on Atarimania Children's Computer Workshop on Muppet Wiki CGE 2012 Atari Programmers panel Preston Stuart interview, Electronic Fun with Computers and Games March 1983, page 40 Atari Age "Loaner Cartridge" thread, shows perhaps final version of Oscar AA OTR 10-20-82 WIP thread OMGWTFBBQ AA OTR 3-30-83 WIP thread 1983 CES Atari 2600 Video OTR Prototype pictures on Atari Compendium Unreleased static screen version pictures on Atari Compendium Posts from Guy Hutchinson's Big Bird Bridge blog about Sesame Place: The Computer Gallery Games at the Computer Gallery Computer Gallery game photos Computer Campus Detail from Computer Gallery computers Closeup of Computer Gallery age logo Sesame Place (Images of Modern America) by Guy Hutchinson on Amazon  

Christmas 2021

Saturday December 25th, 2021 09:23:46 AM
  I'm sorry this is so late, time got away from me this year. Sarah and I wish you peace, health, and happiness this holiday season. I love each and every one of you and I am eternally grateful to you all. A better group of friends I could not have asked for. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, have a safe and happy 2022. We will see you very soon. As always, thank you so much for listening.   Photo courtesy of Dan Beicke (R)

Demolition Herby by Telesys

Wednesday November 3rd, 2021 01:56:52 PM
Hello there, thanks for joining me today to talk about the final released Telesys game, Demolition Herby. There's also a few interesting tidbits about the end of Telesys, as well as a few prototypes that we'll cover in a future show. I hope that you enjoy it. Coming up next, the first of many Sesame Street character games from Atari, Oscar's Trash Race. If you have any feedback for the Grouch, please send it to by November 14th.  My Extra Life stream is coming up this weekend, Friday and Saturday from 8PM to 8AM EST. Fingers crossed. if you'd like to donate, you can do that here. Thank you so much! As always, I thank you very much for listening. Demolition Herby on Random Terrain Telesys Prototype thread on Atari Age Short Is'Action entry on GDRI Impossible Game article by Leonard Herman Telesys article March 16 1983, Arizona Republic The Store (Kandyman Sales) Atari ad, July 16 1983 Wichita Eagle

Frankenstein's Monster by Data Age

Thursday October 21st, 2021 12:38:31 AM
Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeen almost! We end Spooky Season on the podcast with the great Frankenstein's Monster by Data Age. If you haven't played this because you think all Data Age games are garbage, you have been misled. I urge you to give this a try, it is one of the best on the system. Up next we will give thanks for Demolition Herby by Telesys! If you have thoughts on this one, please send them to me at by November 1st. I haven't played this in years so I don't remember it, but it was recommended in the Video Game Update newsletter, so I am excited to try it out. Enjoy the rest of the Spooky Season and thank you for listening!   Frankenstein's Monster on Random Terrain Frankenstein's Monster on Atari Protos Video Game Update April 1983 on Atari Compendium Aracde Express May 8 1983 1985 Wichita Eagle profile of George Jabara/Kandyman Sales Part 1 1985 Wichita Eagle profile of George Jabara/Kandyman Sales Part 2 Video Games magazine September 1983 Atari Internal CES Review document June 1982 KMS web site jlun2 TAS of Frankenstein's Monster Brian from Albuquerque's Youtube page France Gall - Frankenstein

Skeleton+ by Eric Ball

Sunday October 10th, 2021 11:59:12 AM
  Boo there! Thanks for being patient with me once again. It's spooky season and that means spooky games! We begin with Skeleton+,  a homebrew game by Eric Ball from way back in 2002. It's a lot of fun and I hope you are able to try it out! Next up is the amazing Frankenstein's Monster by Data Age, which was kind of their final released game. If you have feedback or thoughts on Frankenstein's Monster, please send them to by October 18th. No need to summarize the game, I'll take care of that. Only 4 more episodes until the Christmas special! That seems weird. But maybe not, I did buy egg nog this week. Thank you all for listening!   Initial Skeleton WIP thread on Stellalist Skeleton complete on Stellalist Skeleton 1.1 release on Stellalist First Skeleton+ thread on Atari Age Enhanced Skeleton+ thread on Atari Age Final Skeleton+ thread on Atari Age Eric Ball's intro thread on Atari Age Eric Ball's first 2600 demo Hozer Video website Order Skeleton on Packrat Games Order Skeleton on Atari Age F n Z Show and Far Cry Z podcasts/videocasts

Sir Lancelot by Xonox

Wednesday September 22nd, 2021 03:36:54 PM
Good morrow gentle Swain! Alright, enough of that. This week we are looking at Sir Lancelot by Xonox, maybe a Joust tipoff but it's a lot of fun! Next month is October already, sheesh. We'll be celebrating all month with S C A R Y games! First up will be the Homebrew game Skeleton+ by Eric Ball, followed by the wonderful Frankenstein's Monster by Data Age. I'm really looking forward to these games, and I hope you are too! iIf you have feedback for either game, please send it to me at I will need feedback for Skeleton+ by October $th, and October 18th for Frankenstein's Monster. Thanks so much for listening! Sir Lancelot on Random Terrain Xonox Press Kit on Atarimania Xonox on GDRI Gordon Martin and Associates on GDRI Sir Lancelot manual on Atari Compendium Kurt Howe Memorial thread on Atari Age  

Bugs Bunny by Atari

Sunday September 12th, 2021 01:14:16 PM
Long time no see doc! *smak* This week we are discussing the prototype/reproduction game Bugs Bunny, originally from Atari. This Bob Polaro/Alan Murphy collaboration was shelved in the 80s and finally saw limited release at the late, lamented Philly Classic in 2002. It's a beautiful game that I hope you will seek out and try. Coming up next is Sir Lancelot by Xonox. If you have feedback for this guy, please send it to me at by September 21st at 10 PM EST. You get a smidge more time for this one, then hopefully I'll get back on track and stay that way. HA HA HA HA. Thank you again for all the kind words about the Space Shuttle episode, and thank you so much for listening. Bugs Bunny on Atari Protos Bob Polaro's web page Bob Polaro interview by Sarah Szefer Bob Polaro interview by Al Backiel Alan Murphy on Artstation Atari Promo Video 1983 Bugs Bunny Footage Photos from Philly Classic 3/Bugs Bunny release Bugs Bunny Press Release Atari Compendium Easter Egg page Easter egg thread on Atari Age Video Dames 0 by Kate Willaert Porno Hustlers of the Atari Age by Kate Willaert on Kotaku

Space Shuttle by Activision

Sunday September 5th, 2021 08:23:04 AM
The day many of you have been waiting for (and waiting and waiting, sorry about that) is finally here. Today is the finale of the Summer of Shuttles, and I am covering Space Shuttle by Activision. I'm not a simulator fan at all, so I hope I have done this game justice and I hope you enjoy the episode. Coming up pretty quick since I want to keep my schedule is the prototype game Bugs Bunny by Atari. I said in the episode to get me your feedback by the 10th, but let's change that to the 11th at 10PM EST, because when I recorded the episode I thought it would go out on the same day. You can send your feedback to me at Thank you again for your patience, and as always, thank you for listening. Space Shuttle on Random Terrain Space Shuttle on Atari Protos Electronic Fun article February 1984 Video and Computer Gaming Illustrated article January 1984 (yes, there is no page 75) Video Game Update article November 1983 (Atari Compendium) Computer Chronicles episode February 1984 Space Shuttle manual on Atari Age Space Shuttle Pilot patch on Digital Press Space Shuttle Commander patch on Digital Press STS 3 page on Spacefacts AA thread with Nukey Shay's fuel and docking hacks Barbara Morgan watches the Challenger 1986 Space Shuttle Operator's Manual by Kerry Mark Joels Antic Interview 420 with Brenda Laurel Space Camp home page Space Camp Movie on Youtube

Shuttle Orbiter by Avalon Hill

Wednesday August 11th, 2021 11:57:06 AM
Hello and welcome to the Summer of Shuttles! (It's only a month.) First up we are talking about the Avalon Hill game Shuttle Orbiter, which I enjoyed but found a little frustrating. Lots of great feedback as usual, I hope you enjoy the episode. Coming up next is the one a lot of you have been waiting for, Space Shuttle, a Journey Into Space, by Activision. My attitude towards simulation games precedes me, but I will give this a fair shake. I just can't promise I will be able to figure it out. If you have feedback for Space Shuttle (I know you do), please send it to me at by AUGUST 21ST. I'm going to need all the time I can get for this one. I'm sure the description of the game will be rather long, so no need to summarize the gameplay in your feedback, I just want your thoughts and/or memories of the game. Thank you so much for listening!     Shuttle Orbiter on Random Terrain Phosphor Dot Fossils - Shuttle Orbiter STS-7, second Challenger flight on Wikipedia Woodgrain Wonderland - Shuttle Orbiter review Shuttle Orbiter on The Log Book 35th Anniversary of the Challenger disaster from NASA  

Spitfire Attack by Milton Bradley

Sunday July 25th, 2021 11:08:30 PM
Hello everyone! Sorry about the delay, but now here is the Spitfire Attack episode for you, by Milton Bradley. We also discuss the Flight Commander controller that came with it. I never had one but we do have a few listeners who did, which is exciting! Also exciting is what's coming up next month, the Summer of Shuttles! I will be covering Shuttle Orbiter by Avalon Hill and Space Shuttle by Activision. If you have feedback for either of these games, please send it to me at I will need the Shuttle Orbiter feedback by August 9th, and the feedback for Space Shuttle by August 21st. I'm expecting a bit for Space Shuttle 😂   As always, I thank you for your patience, and for listening. Please stay safe and stay cool.     Spitfire Attack on Random Terrain Dennis Debro's Spitfire Attack mod Milton Bradley video game article, June 5 1983 Spitfire Attack Playthrough by Retro Dad   No Swear Gamer 499 - Spitfire Attack   Matt's Repro Pitfall 2 patch on eBay

Tapper by Sega

Wednesday July 7th, 2021 12:55:08 PM
Hey there, this week I am covering the amazing port of Tapper, the Bally Midway arcade game programmed by Beck Tech for Sega. Please check this game out if you haven't, it is well worth your time. Coming up next on the show is the Milton Bradley game Spitfire Attack, which was packaged with the Flight Commander controller. If you have any feedback on Spitfire Attack, please send it to me at by July 19. I'm not quite sure what will happen after that, I want to get back on the opposite week schedule so I may take some time off. I will let you know for sure in the next episode. Tomorrow (July 8th) is national Video Game Day! Play something will ya! Thank you all so much for listening, it means so much to me.   Swordquest Fireworld Contest Rom thread on Atari Age Tapper on KLOV Root Beer Tapper on KLOV MGA Tapper Patent Tapper on Atari Protos February 1984 Tapper newspaper article December 1984 Sears ad Steve Beck's web site Tom Sloper interview on Atari Compendium Tom Sloper interview on GDRI Arcade USA Ataricade 2600 - Tapper No Swear Gamer 535 - Tapper No Swear Gamer Tapper gameplay

Taz by Atari

Wednesday June 23rd, 2021 01:13:28 PM
Hi there! This episode is all about Taz by Steve Woita for Atari. Taz was converted to PAL as the game Asterix, which we already covered, and I really should have put them together. Oh well, there's some great feedback this episode. Next up will be the amazing Tapper by Sega. If you have any feedback for Tapper, please send it to me at by 6PM EST on July 6th. Thanks so much for listening and enjoy your 4th of July holiday if you're in the United States!   Taz on Random Terrain Taz on Atari Protos Taz mention in May 1984 issue of Electronic Games Steve Woita's web site Steve Woita interview on Atari Compendium Jerome Domurat interview on Atari Compendium No Swear Gamer Taz Easter Egg NSG 361 Taz JVGS Atari 2600 High Scores page

Surf's Up by Amiga

Wednesday June 9th, 2021 11:20:00 AM
It's almost summer, and that means it's time for surfing! I think you may have to look elsewhere though, because this week we are covering Surf's Up by Amiga via Video Soft. Surf's Up was made for the Joyboard controller but never came out. Was that a good thing? YOU make the call! Coming up next is a summer rerun Taz by Atari! If you have thoughts on Taz, please send them to me at by June 20th. Thanks so much for your patience, and for listening. THE DREAM IS ALIVE Surf's Up on Atari Protos Surf's Up on Atari Compendium  Surf's Up on Atarimania Surf's Up kerfuffle on Stellalist, 1998 Surf's Up eBay thread from 2006 on Atari Age Amiga Power Play Arcade carts on Atari Protos Amiga 1982-1984 on Atari Gaming HQ Gregdeg Games Surf's Up world record

Alfred Challenge by Ebivision

Wednesday May 19th, 2021 05:33:34 PM
Hey everyone, this week on the program we have a very early homebrew and the first from Ebivision, Alfred Challenge! It's a very difficult game but one I personally enjoyed. Mrs. Ferguson the Librarian also makes an appearance in this episode! Congratulations to the winners of the PlusCart and the Edladdin Super 78 controller from the episode 200 contests. I haven't notified them yet so I want it to be a surprise. Don't worry, I picked the winners before I started talking about the game. You WILL have to wait a little longer to hear the countdowns though, sorry about that. Next up on the show is the unreleased prototype called Surf's Up by Amiga. If you have feedback for Surf's Up or any game I've already covered, please send it to me at Thank you all for entering the contests, and of course, for listening. Igor Barzilai's web site 2003 Interview with Eric Bacher by Good Deal Games 2000 Interview with Eric Bacher by Scott Stilphen Current location of Classic Ebivision site Best Electronics disclaimer Alfred Challenge on Videogame Homebrew wiki Eric Bacher's company, Brainwave GRC Igor Barzilai's Tarot Artisinal site ZeroPage Homebrew Alfred Challenge playthrough #1 ZeroPage Homebrew Alfred Challenge playthrough #2

Cosmic Corridor by Zimag

Wednesday May 5th, 2021 01:39:52 PM
Hello! This week on the show we are looking at the Zimag game Cosmic Corridor, which most likely began life as Space Tunnel by Bit Corp. If you want to know what Hindi movie soundtracks and jail time have to do with Cosmic Corridor, I hope you'll give the episode a listen. Coming up next is the homebrew game Alfred Challenge, programmed by Eric Bacher for Ebivision. If you have feedback for Alfred Challenge, please send it to by May 17th. Don't forget to send your entries for the PlusCart and Super 78 controller contests! Send in your bottom 5 2600 games for the PlusCart, and your top 5 7800 games for the Super 78 controller. You can include both lists in the email, please put Contests in the subject line. Thanks so much for listening!   Cosmic Corridor on Random Terrain Zimag/Emag thread on Atari Age Amarjit Singh Anand obituary on Hindi Movies Songs website LA Times story on Amarjit Singh Anand (Paywall, sorry) Zimag catalogs on Atarimania No Swear Gamer 530 - Cosmic Corridor No Swear Gamer Cosmic Corridor playthrough

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