Util (C) 1989 Charles Marslett
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  • To read/write Atari XL/XE double density disks on PC system
  • Requires MS-Dos
  • Includes source code
  • 64 Bit processors NOT supported

The UTIL program is used to read and write Atari double density diskettes on an IBM-compatible computer. The two source files for the utility are UTIL.C and ATARIO.ASM.

Enter UTIL with no parameters and a help message will be displayed. To read, write or format a disk, enter the commands /R, /W or /I. The command for displaying the directory is /L. If the command line contains a /B, the files will not be translated to/from ATASCII (i.e., they are binary files). The command line for all but the /W function will end with a drive identifier (A:, B:, C: or D:) — this is the ABSOLUTE drive number, not the one MSDOS uses. An external 3.5″ drive will usually be drive C:, not D: or E: or whatever DOS calls it. Use the /L command until you are sure you know which drive is which!
To write to the Atari diskette, the drive identifier is followed by a list of file names to be written to the Atari diskette.

Good luck,
Charles Marslett

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