Christmas Eve Nightmare

A Christmas Eve Nightmare (C) Dan Johnson

Christmas Eve Nightmare - Screenshot 01

Christmas Eve Nightmare – Screenshot 01

Christmas Eve Nightmare - Screenshot 02

Christmas Eve Nightmare – Screenshot 02


IMPORTANT>>>> This Text Adventure Disk will ONLY run on
Atari DOS 2.0 or 2.5. If you use DOS 2.5 you have to make
sure that *NONE* of the files are in the extended directory
of DOS 2.5. The program will not recognize these files.
You will experience the message “ROOM DOES NOT EXIST” if any
of the room files are in the 2.5 extended directory.

THE “PLOT”>>>> It’s December 24th, 2:30 PM, and you haven’t
done any of your Christmas Shopping (sound familiar?). The
basic story plot is to leave your home, get to the local
Mall, buy your Christmas presents, and get back home.
Sounds easy enough, right? (snicker)

GENERAL COMMANDS>>>> This text adventure does not use the
typical parser system you may be used to. It uses a “phrase
recognition” system. To make things easier, all commands
(with the noted exceptions below) are two-word commands.
All commands must be typed in COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY.
You can not abbreviate commands. Example: EXAM COMP can’t
be used for EXAMINE COMPUTER. To keep within the two-word
limit, there are a few words that are “bunched” into one
word. Example: REDSHIRT. These “bunched” words will be
apparent to you as you are playing.

All Direction commands are the one or two letter
abbreviation of that direction: N,S,E,W,SW,SE,NW,NE,U, and
D. The complete direction (i.e. NORTH) will not be
recognized, so just use the abbreviations.

“I” or INVENTORY will give you a list of the items you are
carrying. “L” or LOOK will give you the description of the
location you are in. SCORE will give you the total points
you have scored so far in the adventure. “Q” or QUIT will
end the game and return you to the Title Screen. You can
save one location by typing in SAVE, and you can go back to
that point at any time during the adventure by typing in
RESTART. You should use the SAVE command as often as
possible, to keep you out of certain confusing or untimely

OTHER IMPORTANT TIPS>>>> The basic strategy of this text
adventure is, as I mentioned, to get in the Mall and buy
your xmas presents. The Adventure has been designed to make
that simple task a little more difficult than it sounds.

First, the area in and around the Mall will very seldom tell
you what is in any particular direction. You will have to
use a trial-and-error method of moving around, and I suggest
that you keep a MAP of your progress.

Second, there are many items you can buy while in the Mall,
but only eight (8) of them are valid Christmas Presents.
AND….they must be purchased in a specific sequence or
order. Example: You won’t be able to buy the Bicycle until
you buy the Train Set.

Third, some commands will NOT be recognized. You may get a
message saying I DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT. This does not
necessarily mean that you have executed the wrong command.
Some commands require that you are carrying a specific ITEM
to validate that command and to get the proper response.
Example: You may not be able to LIGHT CIGAR until you have

FINAL COMMENTS>>>> There are a couple of words used in this
text adventure that may not be suitable for young children.
Also, some the traditional “images” of Christmas are
protrayed in a cynical “light” and may not be something that
you want your children to read.

If you use the SAVE command often, and MAP out the places in
this adventure you should have no problem completing this in
a few sittings. If you do have problems, and need some
help, you can send E-Mail to me on GEnie. My address is

Hope you enjoy playing Christmas Eve Nightmare. Please send
me any comments you may have, and we’ll see you at the Mall
on December 24th.

Bootable disk (ATR / 7-Zip): Christmas Eve Nightmare

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