Line-Up (C) 1994 New Age

Line-Up - Screenshot 01

Line-Up – Screenshot 01

Line-Up - Screenshot 02

Line-Up – Screenshot 02

Line-Up - Screenshot 03

Line-Up – Screenshot 03

  • By Nelson Ramirez and Puerto Montt
  • Tetris/tetrix-style game

Another GAME of the *tris series. It is a public domain version of the arcade
game of the same name. This is one of the most interesting and well-done games
I’ve ever seen (of this style) for the 8bit. You have to reduce (kill) the
falling blocks storing them in a line of three (or more) of the same type. To
finish a level, you have to reduce a required number of units/lines/
diagonals/???. Diagonals gives you more points than other lines, as well as
lines of more than three units (blocks). There is also a bonus score for final
height. You can use SHIFT key to change the falling triad, up to two times in a
level (but you will loose your height bonus). It has many different levels (and
many hidden levels, where you can jump to another levels!). There are special
blocks that are bombs, time-stoppers and others. Great sound and animation.
Nice presentation with a digitized track. Then, a Spanish scrollbar is
displayed with another good compos…

Medium density boot disk (ATR / 7-Zip): Line-Up

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