CopyOS 1.2

CopyOS v1.2 (C) 1992 Barry Gordon (

CopyOS 1.2 - Screenshot 01

CopyOS 1.2 – Screenshot 01

  • Saves the Operating System to disk
  • EXEcutable DOS file

COPYOS Version 1.2 Barry Gordon 1/92

This program will copy the Operating System from an Atari XL/XE to
disk for use with an EPROM burner.

The Atari XL/XE Operating System chip is layed out in four sections:

ROM Computer XL/XE OS
Address Address Function

$0000-$0FFF $C000-$CFFF Interrupt handlers, misc routines
$1000-$17FF $5000-$57FF Self Test code (enabled by PORTB)
$1800-$1FFF $D800-$DFFF Floating Point routines
$2000-$3FFF $E000-$FFFF Operating System

The Classic 800 OS had no Self Test memory, and did not allow ROM
banking of the $C000 memory. Custom Operating Systems for the XL/XEs
are usually based on this OS and will use these two areas to their
fullest advantage.

COPYOS will create a file exactly 16,390 ($4006) bytes long. It will
contain the above listed areas in the ROM address format, preceeded by
a binary file header. This file can then be modifed and used by an
EPROM burner to create a new OS chip.

The Self Test routines and the Floating Point routines were given
special consideration when writing this program. The Self Test
routines (which must be banked in by clearing Bit 7 of PORTB) are
automatically disabled by the OS during disk I/O. The Floating Point
routines are automatically banked out by the OS when a parallel device
is accessed (i.e. a Hard Drive). The high-speed floppy operations in
the Black Box also disable the Floating Point routines during disk
I/O. Both of these routines are copied to a safe place in memory and
written out to disk from there.

This program was not written for purposes of pirating copyrighted
Operating System chips, but rather to encourage experimentation with
firmware programming.

Happy EPROM burning!

Bootable disk (ATR / 7-Zip): CopyOS12

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