The CTH ATR->Disk Utility (C) 1996 CTH Enterprises

CTH ATR Disk - Screenshot 01

CTH ATR Disk – Screenshot 01

  • By Tom Hunt
  • Create a real disk from a single density ATR image
  • Requires two disk drives

The CTH atr->disk Utility
Copyright (C) 1996
CTH Enterprises
By Tom Hunt

Those annoying atr disk images!! You would like the files that are on them, but you don’t have (or, want to use) an APE or SIO2PC thingie. What’s a poor-boy to do?

Download them anyway, and use this utility on them. It turns them back into “real” floppies, whether it’s on a floppy disk, or a floppy partition on your hard drive.


Any dos should do, although I’ve only used it with x32gx.dos. Two disk drives are required, although the second drive can be a ramdisk. If using a ramdisk, use it to hold the atr disk image file, and use your real floppy drive to create the real disk. Also, this utility only works on SINGLE DENSITY atr disk images. These disk images are always 92,176 bytes in size. Also, you will have to pre-format the floppy in single density before using this utility.


Bootable disk (ATR / 7-Zip): CTH ATR Disk

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