DOS 2.75 with Disk/Tape copier

DOS 2.75 (C) 1986 Atari

Dos 2.75 - Screenshot 01

Dos 2.75 – Screenshot 01

Dos 2.75 - Screenshot 02

Dos 2.75 – Screenshot 02

  • Debugged version of DOS 2.5
  • C-D-T Copier v1.0 by A. Fuchs (Creative Soft)

don`t let your hair get grey while thinking about DOS 2.75 ! Oh, I see, your
hair is already grey…
so it looks like I am too late… ;-)

DOS 2.75 is nothing more than a bugfixed version of DOS 2.5 by an Atarian from
eastern-Germany (then GDR). He found approx. 13 bugs, with 4 or 5 being serious
bugs, which he corrected. While bugfixing DOS 2.5 he not only changed the
version number, but also added new versions of Diskfix.COM and Ramdisk.COM. The
latter was upgraded, so it not only supported 64k XRAM ( D8: like the 130XE),
but also 128k XRAM ( D8: formatted in ED) and 256k XRAM ( D7: and D8: both
formatted in ED) and it detected the size automatically (but only Ramdisks with
blocks 8ACE could use the full 256k XRAM with this driver)…

CDCOPY54K.COM is a small C/D copier program that was written for DOS 2.5 (it
works with very few other DOS versions) and lets you copy programs from C to D,
C to C, D to D, D to C. The program runs on any 64k Atari and still leaves 54k
for copying. It does not convert the program, so if you copy a boot-tape to
disk, it cannot be loaded from DOS or most gamedos-versions (since a boot-tape
is not a COM/XEX/EXE file). The program was usefull to copy tapes to disk and
then hack/crack/patch them there (the author M.Thiel was a hacker/cracker) or
to copy single and multi-stage tapes to disk and then put a C-Simulator on the
disk, so one could load them from this disk. Nowadays this program is almost of
no use, since no-one (except me) uses the A8 tape-recorder anymore. The C/D
copier program *afaik* does not use nor support turbo-tape or any higher baud
rate than the standard 600 Baud…

-Andreas Koch.

P.S.: I changed the C/D copier program menu text from german into english…

System disk (ATR): DOS275

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