Greets – The friendly voice from your computer (C) 1992 Closer to Home

Greets - Screenshot 01

Greets – Screenshot 01

  • By Tom Hunt
  • Speaks out text files
  • BATch-file support
  • DOS file

“The friendly voice from your computer”

GREETS.COM is a speech synthesizer. It has two modes of operation. The first mode is a demo mode. Simply load GREETS.COM, and listen! The second mode requires you to create a text file, called GREETS, and place any text into it that you would like the computer to speak to you. Save this file onto D1:. Now load GREETS.COM. When GREETS loads, it will check D1: for the presence of the GREETS text file. If found, it will read it to you. If it doesn’t find this file, it will go into demo mode, and use the text supplied in the demo.

You can use GREETS.COM from within a batch file. This is the perfect way to have your computer speak to you a customized greeting each time you boot up. The text in the GREETS file can be up to 255 bytes in length, and you can have RETURNS embedded in it. It will speak the entire file.

This text file was created with the CTH Edit-80 text editor. Simply copy directly to your printer (P:). Create date 12.06.92

Bootable disk (ATR / 7-Zip): Greets

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