HyperIt 0.5beta

HyperIt 0.5beta (C) 1995 New Breed Software

HyperIt 0.5beta - Screenshot 01

HyperIt 0.5beta – Screenshot 01

HyperIt 0.5beta - Screenshot 02

HyperIt 0.5beta – Screenshot 02

HyperIt 0.5beta - Screenshot 03

HyperIt 0.5beta – Screenshot 03

  • By Bill Kendrick
  • Graphical environment intended for MyDos
  • ACTION! source code included

HyperIt! Version 0.5 beta
Help File Rev.0.2
March 18, 1995 By Bill Kendrick

Getting around:
Use a joystick in port 1 or the arrow keys to move the arrow around the screen. When the computer is busy, the arrow changes into a clock.
To make a selection, move the pointer over the button or are of the screen you want and press FIRE or [Control]+[Return]. (In the file selection area, highlighted buttons can be selected by pressing [RETURN] and most buttons can be selected by pressing the key their name starts with.)

What IS HyperIt!?
HyperIt! is an Atari 8-bit program which views (plays) “Stacks” using a graphical enviornment (pictures mixed with text) and a pointer.

What are Stacks?
Stacks are files which contain from to 64 “Cards” in them.

What are Cards?
Cards are the basic structure of HyperIt!. A card is a screenful of data which includes:
* Bitmapped graphics
A screen-sized background used by one or more card.
* Icons
Small images which can be placed throughout the screen over the background.
* Text and text fields
Textual data (with the ability to contain a specific font) which is placed over the graphical background.
* Buttons
Areas of the screen which can be “clicked”. Clicking is when the mouse pointer is placed over that area of the screen and the Fire-button is pressed.

What’s the use of Buttons?
Buttons can do any number of things when they’re “clicked”:

` Go to a different card
` Exit the stack

The final version of HyperIt! will
also support:

` Variable assignment
` Special graphics effects
` Sound
` Icon animation

Bootable double density MyDos disk (ATR / 7-Zip): HyperIt 0.5beta

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