MYDOS 4.55 with MYRAMD2

MYDOS 4.55
MYRAMD2 (C) 2003 Lee Barnes

MyDos 4.55 - Screenshot 01

MyDos 4.55 – Screenshot 01

The patched MyDOS 4.55:

MyDOS 4.50 and above (4.5x) does not
do BASIC with a ramdisk. It also does
not do ramdisks larger than 256k
(320k machines). It also does not do
unique ramdisks like Mathy’s XEGS 1
meg ramdisk. Unless you patch it that
is. Then it will do all the above,
including Newell 1 meg ramdisks…

You can use a sector editor to edit
your MyDOS DOS.SYS file, you just
have to find this string of bytes:

AD 01 D3 09 1C 85 31 09 1C 39 BA 0B
_____ ________

Keep in mind that the above underline
values may be different than yours –
no matter (!), change them anyway (!)
to these bytes:

AD 01 D3 EA EA 85 31 EA EA B9 BA 0B

Then the most important part – write
out DOS files using the ‘H’ menu
option. For safety’s sake, don’t
write these to your only boot disk,
but to a temporary disk for testing.
If it works with no bugs, then you
can boot the test disk and write DOS
files to all your MyDOS disks.
Remember that Basic normally doesn’t
do drives above drive number 4 but
now you are off and running with a
MyDOS 4.55 ramdisk in BASIC…


– new RD driver for MyDOS, now with
fewer bugs or even bug-free;
– programming + debugging author: LEE
BARNES; testing: several people of
the Atari newsgroups including John
and Mathy (many thanks!);
– for questions or bug reports, call
me: lee_454 AT yahoo DOT com ;
– MYRAMD2 is Public Domain and not to
be sold commercially;

USING IT: Rename MYRAMD2.* to
Autorun.Sys under MyDOS 4.50 and 4.51
or to *.AR0 when running under 4.53
and newer versions (4.54, 4.55, etc.)
At bootup press “1” if you wish to
bypass MYRD (no formatting of the
Ramdisk, no copying) or press “2” if
you wish to copy only DUP.SYS to RD
(no MEM.SAV but all subdir :Ramdisk
files). When finished with bootup or
copying (any files found in the MyDOS
subdir :RAMDISK) hold down “SHIFT” if
you wish to create an empty / virgin
Mem.Sav file;

System disk (ATR): MyDos 4.55

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