Virus Scanner v1.0

VSCAN 1.0 (C) 1993 BeWeSoft

VScan 1.0 - Screenshot 01

VScan 1.0 – Screenshot 01

  • EXEcutable file
  • Load with DOS


Virus scanner (version 1.0)
By Jiri Bernasek (BEWESOFT)

This program will look into memory
and all the files on disk, and it’ll
display all the places, where is
probably a virus.

Virus in memory is indicated by
adress of “D:” table less than $700.
Infected file contains two typical
segments at its end. First one is
the virus itself, and the second one
is INIT adress. VSCAN will search a
segment with loading adress less
than $700 and length between cca.
$60 and $300, followed by INIT adress
pointing into the previous segment.
These segments also must be at the
end of file.

See Tajemnice Atari 10/92 or Mega
Magazine #6 for more info about
viruses on Atari XL/XE.

Please don’t try to write a virus !!
Your friends are not making their
files for your virus to eat!

Jiri Bernasek (BEWESOFT)

Prague, 93-11-05

Bootable disk (ATR / 7-Zip): Virus Scanner 1.0

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