Zilch (C) 2018 Bocianu / LiSU

Zilch - Screenshot 01

Zilch – Screenshot 01

Zilch - Screenshot 02

Zilch – Screenshot 02

  • Rolling dice
  • Up to 4 players (human or computer)
  • Written in Mad Pascal
  • Released at Wapniak Atari Party, Warsaw, 2-June-2018
  • In-game instructions
  • EXEcutable file
  • Source code available
  • Gitlab project page

How to play the fine game of


1. Roll the dice
You start your turn
by rolling all six dice.

2. Scoring dice – Take some points!
If you rolled some scoring dice then,
you need to take some of those points
before you can roll again

3. No scoring dice – You zilched!
This means that all the points you took
so far are wiped out. You bank no points
and it’s the end of your turn.

If this is your third zilch in a row
then you lose 500 points.

4. Scored 300 or more – Bank the points.

Once you have taken at least 300 points
you can choose to bank them or keep
on rolling the dice. If you bank
the points then they are added
to your score and your turn is over.
If you decide to carry on rolling,
then you could roll more scoring dice,
but you could zilch out.

5. Re-roll the remaining dice

You can re-roll any dice that you didn’t
score with. Once you have scored points
from all six dice you get a free roll!

Bootable disk (ATR / 7-Zip): Zilch
Pascal source code (7-Zip): zilch-master

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