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Hyperspeed (C) 1995, 1997 Len Spencer

Hyperspeed - Screenshot 01

Hyperspeed – Screenshot 01

  • High speed RS232 driver
  • Versions for MIO and Black Box
  • Includes assembler source code

I have finally released the HyperSpeed handler as freeware. This archive
contains the binary files for both the Multi-IO and Black Box versions, as
well as

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Black Box SCSI parity and termination power

C.S.S. Black Box SCSI parity and termination power modification

CSS Black Box Components

CSS Black Box Components

SCSI-2 (or Fast-SCSI) hard disks require a parity bit on the SCSI bus. Some have a jumper to en-/dis-able this feature but others (like many IBM’s) don’t. Most Memory Card Readers also won’t work if that data  • • •   » read more »