DOS 2.5F

DOS 2.5F (C) 1983 Atari

Dos 2.5F - Screenshot 01

Dos 2.5F – Screenshot 01

Dos 2.5F - Screenshot 02

Dos 2.5F – Screenshot 02

  • Enhanced by L. J. Silver
  • Extended version of DOS 2.0
  • Orange DUP-menu
  • Hex-Dec conversion
  • Diskdrive RPM check
  • Very similar to DOS 2.5F, 2.6 and 2.8F

System disk (ATR): Dos 2.5F

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  1. Afaik, the DOS versions 2.5F, 2.6, 2.8, etc. are all the same, they use the DOS.SYS of DOS 2.0s (39 sectors) and on top of it a DUP.SYS of 76 sectors, also known as BlackDOS…

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