OS/A+ 1.2

OS/A+ 1.2 (C) 1981 OSS

OS-A+ 1.2 - Screenshot 01

OS-A+ 1.2 – Screenshot 01

OS-A+ 1.2 - Screenshot 02

OS-A+ 1.2 – Screenshot 02

  • Command line driven
  • File copier (C) 1986 Norbert Hageman (from Computer Kontakt, not part of OS/A+)

System disk (ATR): OS-A+ 1.2

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  1. Mario says:

    Now that’s funny. I finally shelved my last Atari (130XE) some time back in 1988 and never really touched it since (only to get it out of the way when it was annoying me where it was). I even dumped the whole computer thing until the very late 90s and focused on other things instead (playing and writing music). Now, just a couple of days ago, in a dark and dusty corner, I stumbled over an old and dusty box that, upon closer examination, contained a whole bunch of assembler printouts of software I wrote back in the mid-80s. Among those, as it happens, I also found the source code of Norbert Hagemann’s File Copy utility. Exactly that same tool posted here. Back in the day we used to debug and optimize each other’s software (tyring to outdo the other and come up with the more efficient code). In that same way we even wrote some stuff together. Those were the days…and halcyon days at that…

  2. Fox-1 says:

    A source code would be a very nice thing to include!

    Anyone who has something to add to existing uploads, which is not already included, feel free to contact me, Things like a missing source code or manual are welcomed to complete a piece of software.

  3. The Filecopy by N.Hagemann does not belong to OS/A+, it was a type-in listing in german “Computer Kontakt” magazine… (like most other programs by N.hagemann).

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