Toms Copier 2.0

Toms Copier v2.0 (C) 1992 Our 5oft

Toms Copier 2.0 - Screenshot 01

Toms Copier 2.0 – Screenshot 01

Toms Copier 2.0 - Screenshot 02

Toms Copier 2.0 – Screenshot 02

  • Multi format disk copier for Toms 720 compatible disk drives
  • EXEcutable file


TOMSCOPY.COM – a quick disk copier


Toms Copier v. 2.0 is the backup machine for your Atari 8-bit.
Features include:

– Expanded RAM use (XE-compatible only).

– Support of following densities:

1. 90kb SD SS
2. 130kb MD SS
3. 180kb DD SS
4. 360kb DD DS
5. 720kb DD DS 80 tracks
6. 180kb ID SS
7. 360kb ID DS
8. 720kb ID DS 80 tracks

ID is for IBM density (512 bytes per sector).

– Builtin DOSCOPY option, allowing to copy only sectors marked in VTOC as used. Works also with Mydos giant VTOC’s.

– Retry/Skip/Abort on read-write errors. Useful when coping old or protected disks.


Toms Copier was written for TOMS, a Polish microcomputer hardware manufacturer. This version (2.0) was designed to fit in ROM of the TOMS 720 MEGA drive.

1990 TC for LDW 2000/CA 2001 Toms Turbo/Multi enhancements
1991 TC for 1050 Multi
1992 TC for TOMS 720


TC is Copyright 1990-92 by TOMS. All right reserved, with the following excepitions:

Anyone may copy or distribute this
program, provided that:

1. No fee is charged for the copy itself.
2. This manual page is left intact and included in the distribution.


Toms Copier was not tested with Ultraspeed drives (but it should work).


Pawel Bulkowski
(btronic AT bull DOT mimuw DOT edu DOT pl)
Pawel Kalinowski

Manual page by Michal Kurcewicz
(husky AT bull DOT mimuw DOT edu DOT pl)

Bootable disk (ATR / 7-Zip): Toms Copier 2.0

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