MAS65 1.00.01

MAS65 v1.00.01 (C) 1996 Douglas Beattie Jr.

MAS65 - Screenshot 01

MAS65 – Screenshot 01

  • 6502 Macro cross-assembler for PC
  • 32-Bit DOS system required

MAS65 for MS/PC-DOS v1.00.01, Copyright (C) 1996, Douglas Beattie Jr.

Macro cross-assembler for true 6502 processors

* powerful macro nesting to 25 levels
macro arguments: 7 allowed
local labels: 7 allowed
argument labels: up to 15 characters
lines per macro: 15 maximum

* long labels, deep conditional nesting
labels: up to 22 characters
conditionals: nesting up to 20 levels

* standard macro constructs using MACRO and ENDM
label MACRO argone,argtwo,argthree,argfour,argfive
LOCAL localone,localtwo,localthree

* conditional assembly
IF expression

* assembly-time arithmetic

addition: +
subtract: –
mult: *
unsigned divide: /
bitwise OR: |
bitwise AND: &
bitwise XOR: ^
modulus: %

* hex, decimal, octal, and binary constants

decimal: (default)
ascii: ‘ or ” ;use either to enclose the other
hex: $
octal: @
binary: %

The file must have an END statement! Do not assemble without it.

Macros must be invoked by an exclamation point “!” as the first character in the line. If an exclamation point is not used as the first character on that line, the macro will not be invoked.

! macname argone,argtwo

send any feedback, bug reports, and requests for additional features to: beattidp AT whidbey DOT net (Douglas Beattie Jr.)
;14 JAN 1996

Archive (EXE / 7-Zip): MAS65

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