SortATR 0.9

SortATR v0.9 (C) 1997 Ken Siders
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  • Sort files within ATR images
  • For DOS 2.x and MyDOS compatible formats
  • 32-Bit MS-DOS EXecutable

Welcome to SortAtr, the third in hopefully a series of useful ATR utilities.
This program may be freely distributed but not sold alone or with any other
program for profit. Original Docs must also the progra,. ’nuff said, here

What is SortATR

This program will take almost any ATR image formated with AtariDos, Mydos,
or compatable and sort the directory within the image by name.

How to use SortATR

Sort an ATR by simply typing from a DOS prompt:

SORTATR atrname.atr

Where atrname.atr is the ATR file with Atari files to sort. WARNING: It
is highly recommended you make a back up of the ATR file first. No
Responsibility is assumed for any damage caused by the use of this program.
The program currently does not have any options such as leaving DOS.SYS or
DUP.SYS first, sorting by extender, etc. I am open to any other ideas.

Possible problems

I am not sure completely how to dinguish a MyDos disk from an Atari Disk.
Currently if there are more than 721 sectors, It assumes MyDos. The main
difference is that MyDos disks greater than a certain size use the bits
used on an Atari Disk to hold the file No, to allow larger sector links.
It should work properly for most mega size images and standard single and
double density disks.


Anyone with information on Sparta Dos or other disk formats drop me a line.
I am also interested in algorithms for determining the DOS format of a disk.
Specifically MyDos 1050 Density vs Atari 1050 Density, How to tell if a
disk is in Atari or MyDos format. I think Mydos doesn’t store File Number
within each sector along with the sector link information when there is above
a certain number of sectors. Also complete Docs on DCM format would be

Ken Siders
mail:ken_siders AT compuserve DOT com

Last Update: 7/23/97

Archive (EXE/TXT / 7-Zip): SortATR 0.9

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