Pirates Treasure Chest

The Pirates Treasure Chest (C) 1984 Duplicating Technologies Inc.

Pirates Treasure Chest - Screenshot 01

Pirates Treasure Chest – Screenshot 01

Pirates Treasure Chest - Screenshot 02

Pirates Treasure Chest – Screenshot 02

Pirates Treasure Chest - Screenshot 03

Pirates Treasure Chest – Screenshot 03

  • Disk utility package by Linda and Bob Gardner
  • BASIC and M/C tools
  • Double sided single density disk

CARTDUMP: A very powerful cartridge copy program. It will copy any 8k or 16k cartridge. If you have an Atari 800 or 400 you will want to trip the interlock switch on the computer door. You may use a small pencil for this. Boot the disk with the cartridge door open. Use the ‘L’ option for binary load of cartdump. When you hear the keyboard buzz put in a DOS work disk. Insert the cartridge to be copied and push the START key. The contents of the cartridge will be saved under the name NEWCART. The copied cartridge will be binary loaded with the ‘L’ option.

Cartridges that are unprotected (i.e. STARRAIDERS, BASIC) will run. If the cartridge is protected you will have to go into the file and remove this protection. Our DISASSEMBLER would be good for this task. Cartridges are protected by storing information over themselves. Look for store instructions to the cartridge address and remove them. More information on this subject can be found in our book (SOFTWARE PROTECTION AND CODEBREAKING).


TAPETAPE: Instructions. You can move this program to tape and use it with out a disk drive. This will allow you to copy longer tapes. You will have more memory with the disk drive turned off. After loading tapetape push SYSTEM RESET and do a CSAVE to put this program on tape.

DISKTAPE: Will take a binary file and turn it into a boot tape. Slow but powerful. We suggest your source tape be a good quality C-10 or C-20 computer tape. Just follow the program prompts. This program is easy to use.

CASSDISK: This will take a boot tape and turn it into an AUTORUN disk. Hold the START key when you boot the disk. Be sure to use a formatted disk without DOS for your source disk.

TAPEDISK: Will take a boot tape and turn it into a disk file. Use a disk with DOS on it for the source disk.

DISASEM: This will disassemble any range of sectors to the printer or screen. Good for locating codes to unprotect a disk or cartridge file. Check sector 720 on this disk. See what you can find.

FILEMAKE: A useful utility for making binary files from whole disks. Input starting sector and the range of sectors to be copied on to a DOS disk. This may be a little advanced for the new user but some day you may find a use for this program.

DISKMAP: A handy utility for mapping a disk. Sectors with data will have a star. A dot will be no data.

COPYDISK.BIN: Will copy a disk that is protected by bad sectoring that DOS will not. IMPORTANT: ANY PROGRAM WITH A .BIN EXTENDER MUST BE BINARY LOADED WITHOUT BASIC. Remove basic and use’L’ option to load this program.

QUICKCOPY.BIN: Will copy a disk fast in 1 or 2 passes. We suggest you use it right a way to make a backup copy of our disk.

ASSEMBLE: Use this program to write data or the bytes in the code that you have changed back to the disk which your original program is stored on This is useful for removing protection codes.

FILECOPY: Will be useful when you have to copy many files with only one disk drive. You will not have to swap disks many times.

MAKEMENU.BIN: This program will make a universal menu. This menu will go on a disk without DOS so you will have 707 free sectors to store. Your game files on the menu will boot instantly. “CAUTION:WHEN THIS MENU CREATES” it will erase all data on destination disk so use a blank formatted disk for a destination disk. Follow the prompts. You will not see the menu on the destination disk but it is there in the boot strap sectors. NOTE: When you copy some cassettes & cartridges and binary load them from DOS they overlay DOS and lock up the program. Use this menu to get around this problem.

BINARY: The main purpose of this program is to make an unprotected autoboot disk into a DOS file.Some disks will convert to a binary file but unfortunately a vast majority will not. The only way is to try different disks. Remember they must not be a copyguarded disk.This program can’t read bad sectors, etc.

SEARCH: A simple to use programs purpose is to read a disk and inform you of each sectors status. As to bad or good this program is useful in disk surface analysis. Before removing copyguarding schemes.

FIXXL.BIN: This file will fix the XL computer so that 90% of all software will boot and run with out this only 50% will run.If you have a problem in running any of these programs load the fix you can use this with your other software.


Bootable disks (ATR / 7-Zip): Pirates Treasure Chest

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