UltraFiler (C) 1986, 1990 R. Roger Cole

UltraFiler - Screenshot 01

UltraFiler – Screenshot 01

UltraFiler - Screenshot 02

UltraFiler – Screenshot 02

UltraFiler - Screenshot 03

UltraFiler – Screenshot 03

  • Database management

ULTRAFIL.DCM is an Atari 8bit application which is a filing (database) system. It is written in Atari BASIC with two machine language portions. The entire disk has been DISKCOMMed which naturally explains the extension .DCM. This disk contains 5 BASIC programs, an AUTORUN.SYS that automatically starts the menu program on bootup and an 80 column text file containing full documentation for this system.

I wrote the system almost 10 years ago for my own use and wish to place it in the public domain for others to use and enjoy. I use it to keep track of my VCR tapes, software collection, household inventory, and magazine articles. It was used several years ago to maintain a 1200+ name and address mailing list. The documentation was written with the intention of submitting the system to ANALOG, but the magazine folded; hence, the references to typing in the programs.

Roger Cole

Bootable disk (ATR / 7-Zip): UltraFiler
Manual (ODT): UltraFiler
Manual as below (PDF): UltraFiler

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