XUnzip 2.1

XUnzip 2.1 (C) 2003-2006 Odsiecz Sobieskiego

XUnzip 2.1 - Screenshot 2.1

XUnzip 2.1 – Screenshot 2.1

  • Atari 8-Bit UnZIPper
  • Unpacks ZIP, TAR, GZ and TGZ
  • EXEcutable DOS file

XUNZIP(1) Atari 8-bit XUNZIP(1)

xunzip – extract files from

xunzip archive [dest] [options]

xunzip will list or extract files
from an archive. Under SpartaDOS or
DOS XL arguments and options should
be given in the command line.
Under other DOSes, xunzip will
prompt for them. The default
action (with no options) is to
extract all files from the speci-
fied archive.
xunzip supports ZIP, TAR, GZ and
TGZ (TAR.GZ) archives.
xunzip supports subdirectories and
is quite portable between machines
(only 48K RAM required) and DOSes
(MEMLO limit $22E4).

Path to archive (you can omit the
extension if it is ZIP).
Directory to extract files to.

You may specify options in any
place, e.g. before the archive file
name. You may type ‘-i -s’ or just
‘-is’ for interactive mode with
screen blanking.
-d prompt to swap source/dest disks
Useful if you use single disk
drive to extract files to
a different disk.
-i interactive (ask for each file)
Queries you about every file
found in the archive, so you can
choose to Extract this file (by
pressing E), extract All files
starting from this one, Skip
this file, change Dest path, or
Close the archive.
-s blank screen (faster)
Turns the screen off while I/O
and decompression.
-v view archive contents
Instead of extracting, displays
a list of all files in the
archive, with uncompressed sizes
in bytes.

Under SpartaDOS and DOS XL, the
command line is parsed.
Default destination is the current
drive/directory (SpartaDOS/DOS XL)
or the drive which xunzip was
loaded from.
Subdirectories in the archive are
supported under SpartaDOS and
MyDOS, and ignored on other DOSes.
Characters in names of extracted
files, other than letters and
digits, are changed to underscores
(‘_’). Except SpartaDOS, if the
name begins with a digit or dot,
this character is also changed to
Under SpartaDOS X you should run
via “X”, i.e. “X XUNZIP”, unless
you use “-v” or extract only small
Size of the input buffer depends
on the system variable MEMLO.

The only supported compression
method is Deflate (which is not a
big limitation, since other methods
like Shrink or Implode were used
only by ancient ZIP programs).
There is no checking of CRC or
consistency of compressed data. In
case of a bad ZIP you may get bad
data without a message, or xunzip
may crash.
File attributes, multi-part or
encrypted archives are not
There is no text file conversion.
ZIP provides a way to mark files
as text, but this mechanism is

What’s new in version 2.1:
Time stamps are now supported under
SpartaDOS X.
Fixed -i, -d, -s (now work).

What’s new in version 2.0:
New archive formats (v1.0 supported
only ZIPs).
Fixed Dest with -is (the screen was
-d now first prompts for the source
SpartaDOS X device names are now
directly supported.
Fixed -d on SpartaDOS X (now closes
the files so the disks are not
-v for ZIPs is faster with Sparta
disks used under SpartaDOS X.

Design and development:
Adrian Matoga <epi AT atari DOT pl>
Inflate routine, testing, manual:
Piotr Fusik <fox AT scene DOT pl>

(c) 2003-2006 Odsiecz Sobieskiego.
This program is freeware.
Use at own risk.

18 September 2006 (v2.1) XUNZIP(1)

Bootable disk (ATR / 7-Zip): XUnzip 2.1

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