Graphic Operating System 1.3 (demo)

G.O.S. 1.3 (C) 1986 Total Control Systems

G.O.S. 1.3-demo - Screenshot 01

G.O.S. 1.3-demo – Screenshot 01

G.O.S. 1.3-demo - Screenshot 02

G.O.S. 1.3-demo – Screenshot 02

G.O.S. 1.3-demo - Screenshot 03

G.O.S. 1.3-demo – Screenshot 03

  • Graphic Operating System
  • Demo version 1.3
  • By David R. Sullivan
  • Use with joystick or keyboard

Graphics Operating System

The Graphics Operating System (G.O.S.) was written for the A.C.E. users
groups and the Public Domain. This version is pre-finished one. By this I
mean that there are more features and utilities that were not included
because of BUGS or temporary setbacks in the program development.

There will be two more utilities that are setup to work in a GOS style of
format; these are GOSPAINT (a very good paint program) and GOSTEXT (a
simple text editor; but powerfull!).
We have included on this disk two of the finished programs, GOS_DUP
(Desktop utility) and R.O.D.S. (A utility program).

Total Control Systems is developing a full implementation of a Graphics
Desktop Operating System, this System will include a WORDPROCESSOR, PAINT
Programming calls and much much more!

For futher instructions on GOS are provided inside of the program. To view
them go to the NOTE PAD in the lower left corner of the screen. Once you
have moved you mouse to that spot then click the button (press RETURN) and
you will be shown the instructions.

This program has been provided by:

Total Control Systems
4156 Tolowa Street
San Diego, CA 92117
BBS: 619-270-0111
TCS: Above # from 1-4pm weekly (P.T.)

Please enjoy it and upload it everywhere!!!

Bootable disk (ATR / 7-Zip): Graphical Operating System 1.3

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